wiktok™ LED light therapy mask
wiktok™ LED light therapy mask
wiktok™ LED light therapy mask
wiktok™ LED light therapy mask
wiktok™ LED light therapy mask

wiktok™ LED light therapy mask

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"I've had a problem with my skin all my life (blackheads, acne, scars, as you call it, I've had it). But thanks to this mask, my skin has never looked better! I can't say thank you enough ... trust Tell me it's a great investment. You won't regret it❤ "
-Kelly J.✅ Verified Purchaser

Are you struggling with acne, scars, rosacea, dark spots or fine lines ? World suffer 149 billion people to a form of skin irritation . Whether you 've tried different creams or expensive treatments  , you will get limited results  or  no solutionswiktok™ LED Light Therapy Mask provides sufficient support and relief for most of your skin irritants. seven

unique light therapy settings allow you to achieve your most stubborn and frustrating goalsProblem areas. The simple and relaxing face mask not only increases your self-esteem, but also gives you the skin you have always wanted.

"Without a doubt, visible light can have powerful effects on the skin, especially in high-energy forms such as lasers and Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) machines," says Daniel Belkin , Certified Dermatologist at Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York.

"There is encouraging evidence that 
blue LED light can alter the skin's microbiome to improve acne, that red LED light can stimulate collagen synthesis, and that yellow LED light  can reduce redness and healing time. "Dr. Belkin says

Will love wiktok™  
✅ Convenience - Enjoy the relaxing and beneficial results of light therapy from the comfort of your home! With the easy-to-use mask, your skin will look fabulous in half the time it took to see a specialist. Who doesn't want their own spa right in their own home ?!
✅ Multiple uses - Regardless of the skin  problem you have,  Cosnail ™ can effectively help reduce and improve your problem areas. With 7 useful lights you can always treat your skin effectively. 
✅ Cut costs - you  only have to buy  Cosnail ™ onceTo get the best results for your skin achieve . Other treatments may require you to purchase additional creams, doctor visits, or checkups before you achieve your glowing skin.
✅ Confidence -  Not only will you feel amazing after using Cosnail ™but your skin will look and feel radiant from the natural effects of light therapy. 

Thats how it works

Your wiktok™ LED light therapy mask  emits infrared light (which causes heat) in different wavelengths / spectra that have different skin care benefits .  Depending on the incidence of light, your skin reacts differently and triggers different  natural intracellular reactions. 

* Each wiktok™  LED facial therapy mask is safe and does not emit harmful UV rays or radiation.

Multipurpose skin solution

1. Reduce and prevent wrinkles and combat fat areas

2. Promote firm skin - tighten pores, improve skin brightness and elasticity

3. Inhibit the formation of melanin pigments and thus increase the quality of your sleep

4. Minimize scars and repair the skin

5.  Strengthen the immune system naturally

6.  Improve blood circulation and oxygen to retain skin moisture

7. Promote skin collagen growth

8. Effectively accelerate skin metabolism

9. Promotes the excretion of toxins from the skin

This is how you get the best results

Step 1 - Remove any makeup from the skin.

Step 2 - Thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Step 3 - Connect your LED face mask and choose a setting.

Step 4 - Sit back and relax while Glow ™ does the job!
Don't just trust us; Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen , Victoria Beckham and Mila Kunis have become known to take advantage of the amazing results of light therapy . Just like them, we all need a break from reality at times to relax and rejuvenate .  The wiktok™ LED Light Therapy Mask gives you amazing glowing skin every day of the year!

No matter where you go or what you're doing, you can always create your own personal spa . We want you to feel safe and beautiful and we believe wiktok™will help you get there!

From the professionals:

  • - When starting for the first time, use the lowest intensity to allow your skin to adapt. Immediate application of the high intensity can shock and irritate your skin.
  • - If you have open or new wounds / scratches on your skin, we recommend that you use them after they have healed to avoid irritation.
  • - We use powerful LED lights that are not harmful to the skin. However, if you look directly into the LED light, your eyes may not match. Turn on / off the mask on the face to avoid damage. The built-in eye holes allow you to see clearly and not even hurt your eyes. 
  • - We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before use if you are applying for any of the following uses: pregnant women, children, thyroid disorders, light allergy, drug use

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